Foreword by the Jakarta Provincial Office

This year, Jakarta Film Week is celebrating its third year of existence, with the theme “evolve,” which reflects the growth and development of the Indonesian film industry, which is becoming increasingly robust. This festival serves not only as a platform for the convergence of cinematic arts but also as a space for creativity and a haven for young, talented individuals in the Indonesian film industry, including dedicated filmmakers involved in producing short films, feature films, animations, and promising producers.

Through the organization of this festival, Jakarta opens its doors to filmmakers from all over Indonesia and around the world to gather and collaborate. We are prepared to offer the support and facilities needed to nurture the film industry from the perspectives of entertainment, audiences, and the industrial sector, all of which will make a positive contribution to the economy and the development of creative talent in this region.

The Department of Tourism and Creative Economy of DKI Jakarta hopes that through this festival, Jakarta will become a hub for growth and collaboration among creative industry professionals, particularly in the realm of filmmaking. Jakarta is also expected to be recognized as a prestigious international collaboration destination.

Lastly, I extend an invitation to all residents of Jakarta and people throughout Indonesia to experience and enjoy Jakarta Film Week 2023. May this festival provide an extraordinary experience and enrich our world of cinema.


– Andhika Permata – 

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Department