Diary of Cattle

Production Year
Running Time
17 minutes


Every morning hundreds of cows are herded to a landfill site. They make it their home, because the owner lives far away from the site. They eat, nap, play, and mate here while having to keep themselves safe from the excavators and bulldozers that plow around the site. The big risk, a cow might lose its life here, killed by the heavy machines or trapped under tons of trash.

This practice has been around for many years as their owners save the trouble of looking for pasture and instead rely on human food waste to feed them. All these rubbish-eating cows will share the same destiny with grass-eaters, under the butcher’s knife.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Jumat, November 19 2021 14 : 40 - Audi 3


David Darmadi, Lidia Afrilita
David Darmadi is a filmmaker currently based in Padang, West Sumatera. His work has been screened at international festivals such as Europe On Screen, Documentary Film Festival Yogyakarta, Australia, ReelOzInd Australia, Images Festival Toronto, and Aarhus Kunstbygning Center Denmark and many more. Currently he is managing his project called Ingatan Visual, which is an initiative that documents the daily life of people in West Sumatera. His project Diary of Cattle won Tribeca Film Institute Grant and Distribution at Docs By The Sea 2018.

Contact : lidiaafrilita@yahoo.com