One Night In Chinatown

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One night in Chinatown, a misunderstanding and a secret agenda set off a chain of events that go out of proportion between a middle-aged couple and a young teenage couple.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Jumat, November 19 2021 20.00 - Audi 4 - JFF Screening dan Sesi QnA
CGV Grand Indonesia Sabtu, November 20 2021 17.05 - Studio 4 - JFF Screening dan Sesi QnA


William Adiguna
William was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1996. Now, he is working as an assistant producer at Base Entertainment, an Indonesian film studio. He is currently involved in the production team on several feature films and series productions such as Quarantine Tales (2020) dan Lara Ati (2021). In addition, he is also a filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed his own short films, which are The Night Receptionist (2019), Out Loud (2020) and Please Be Quiet (2021).