Jakarta Film Fund Regulation



  1. The registration team must consists of a minimum of 3 (three) people from the production team
  2. One member of the production team must be a resident of DKI Jakarta, proven by the Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP) or Kartu Mahasiswa DKI Jakarta (Student ID card from DKI Jakarta).
  3. All core team members must be involved in the production of at least one short film in any position, proven by including the links in the proposal.
  4. The Director and Producer roles are not allowed to change during the process of this project.
  5. Applicants must be capable of preparing the Budget Plan for production.
  6. Only fictional short films are accepted.
  7. The final short film must include English subtitles. If the film uses regional languages, they must include both English and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.


  1. The duration of the film must be a minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of 25 minutes.
  2. The film must feature at least one scene set in the a region of DKI Jakarta, including:
    • Buildings (e.g., stadium, cultural heritage buildings, and cultural spaces).
    • Public spaces (e.g., plaza, sidewalks, and green open spaces/parks.)
    • Areas/Districts (e.g., Kota Tua area, Pasar Baru area, and Blok M area).
  3. The proposal idea for the fictional short film must include:
    • Title
    • Logline (maximum 50 words)
    • Synopsis (maximum 150 words)
    • Treatment/scenario (optional)
    • Setting/background plan in DKI Jakarta accompanied by photos
    • Character characterization and reference of potential actors
    • Core team roster
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) from every core team member alongside the link to their filmography
    • Production timeline for 3 (three) months (July – September 2024)
    • Budget plan for production
    • Contact information of the representative from the production team
    • Maximum size of proposal: 30 MB
  4. The applicant must submit a 1 (one) minute pitching video in Bahasa Indonesia.
  5. The applicant may submit more than 1 (one) proposal, but each must be registered with separate form and proposal.
  6. The selection team will choose 8 (eight) proposals to be invited to attend an online pitching forum on 10 June 2024, before the jury panel.
  7. Production of the film will be conducted over 3 (three) months, from July to September 2024.
  8. Registration is free of charge.
  9. Registration will be accepted until the latest 30 May 2024, 23.59 WIB (Western Indonesia Time).
  10. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be disputed.


The Jury Panel will select 3 (three) of the best proposals. Each selected proposal will receive:

  1. Production assistance funds worth Rp 50.000.000,- (before tax)
  2. Online editing and DCP mastering facilities
  3. Mentoring from professional filmmakers
  4. Movielab directing, screenwriting and image editing from professional filmmakers


  1. The Government of DKI Jakarta & Jakarta Film Week will act as the executive producer and hold rights to use the film for educational purposes, outreach and promotion of the festival in various media and public facilities, as well as other non-commercial purposes without limitations.
  2. The creator of the film will retain intellectual rights and agree to any exploitation of those rights.
  3. Films funded through the JFF (Jakarta Film Fund) process cannot be commercialized.
  4. During the first year following the film’s release date at Jakarta Film Week, the film can only be distributed offline. For online viewing, an agreement from both parties is required and it is only for non-commercial activities.
  5. A representative of the crew must participate in activities held by the Jakarta Film Week committee.
  6. Production costs will be disbursed to the team in stages according to the production stages agreed upon by the committee.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is Jakarta Film Fund a competition for films that have finished production?
    • No, this is a story idea competition. Three story ideas that are chosen will receive production facilities from Jakarta Film Week.
  2. Is it possible to send more than 1 story idea?
    • Yes, but each must be sent through a separate proposal and form.
  3. Are there conditions or specific templates regarding the format of the proposal?
    • No, the format of the proposal is up to the applicant. Please make it as creative as possible according to the story idea.
  4. Is it possible to join for those who have never made a film before?
    • No, applicants must have experience creating at least 1 (one) short film.
  5. What language should be used for the story idea?
    • The story idea must be written in Bahasa Indonesia.
  6. Can the Director and the Producer be combined into one person?
    • No, the Director and Producer must be two different individuals to ensure an even distribution of duties within the creative and management teams.
  7. Can the core team change or be replaced?
    • No, the registered Director and Producer cannot change, be replaced, or resign until the short film is completed.
  8. If I do not have a team yet, can I register?
    • No, you must already have a production team consisting of a minimum of 3 (three) people.
  9. What is the format for uploading the proposal?
    • The proposal should be in PDF format with a maximum file size of 30MB.
  10. What format is the video pitch?
    • The video pitch should be in landscape format with sufficient visual, audio, and lighting quality, in Bahasa Indonesia, with a maximum duration of 1 (one) minute. Exceeding 1 (one) minute will result in disqualification.