Lost In Love

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Satria must witness his first love, Dara, preparing for a wedding at the hotel where he works. One day, an incident makes Dara’s body invisible. Only Satria can see her. This brings them close again. Unfortunately, Dara decides to return to her fiancé when her body is visible again. Dara realizes her body becomes visible again after she learned to accept and love herself.


For age: 13+

Yandy Laurens
Alexander Yandy Laurens is an Indonesian director and screenwriter. Yandy collaborated with Starvision and Disney+ Hotstar on his latest work, the series Yang Hilang Dalam Cinta (2022). He also won the Citra Cup at the 2019 Indonesian Film Festival in the Best Adapted Screenplay category for the film Keluarga Cemara which he co-wrote with Gina S. Noer.