The Bookbinder

Production Year
Running Time
8 minutes


RAHMAT (50) is a book repair service provider as well as a used bookseller who lives alone in the kiosk where he works. One afternoon, he is visited by YANTO (27), his son who has not seen his father for a long time. YANTO intends to invite RAHMAT to join in the dinner at YANTO’s house to celebrate his mother’s birthday and talk about his wedding plans. RAHMAT insisted on refusing to come, until in the end the book brought by BENNY (38), his customer, changes his mind.


Brahmastra Bayang Sambadha
Brahmastra Bayang Sambadha was born in June 1994 in Jakarta, Indonesia and studied Political Science while paying special attention to Indonesian films. He enjoys watching movies alone in theaters and has directed two short films called The Book Binder and Cadong. He now aspires to continue to voice humanism through the medium of film.