A Tale Before Nightfall

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Ayu (35) a housemaid who works in Jakarta decided to kidnap Clara (9), her employer’s daughter, to her hometown. That day, Ayu and Clara were preparing to leave Jakarta with a pick-up minibus so they wouldn’t be easily tracked. After picking up the last passenger in a crowded neighborhood in Jakarta, the minibus suddenly broke down and could not continue the journey. Ayu and Clara had to wait for the minibus to be repaired with fear and a dilemma while they were waiting.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Jumat, November 19 2021 20.00 - Audi 4 - JFF Screening dan Sesi QnA
Metropole XXI Sabtu, November 20 2021 17.05 - Studio 4 - JFF Screening dan Sesi QnA


Yusuf Jacka
Yusuf Jacka Ardana is a film student born in 2000 who grew up in Jakarta. He started to like movies when he was in elementary school after seeing a film shoot near his school. In 2016, his short film was screened at the HAS Film Festival Malaysia 4.0 organized by the HAS Malaysia film community. Now, he is studying at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar and continues to study filmmaking, network, and try to bring his films to the audience.