Before 7 Days/ Sebelum 7 hari

Production Year
Running Time
9 minutes


Bian and Hanif could only be silent when they had to mourn their grandmother who had just died, a grandmother they had never been close to before. That night, Bian and Hanif had to stay at their grandmother’s house to wait for the funeral to be held the next day. However, various strange events occurred while they were sleeping in Grandma’s room. Bian knew that the grandmother’s spirit was still around them that night.


Ivan Padak Demon
Ivan Padak Demon graduated from Visual Communication Design, Bina Nusantara University. He is currently a Video Director at the Pijaru production house. Before working on Before 7 Days, Ivan took part in the making of a short film with Pijaru as the Director in Menunggu Pagi Datang Lagi (2017) and Lantai 4 (2017).

He also helped as a Videographer in the production of Teater Tanpa Kata (2016) which won the Selected Short Documentary Film at the 2016 Maya Cup, a documentary short film about Jakarta's independent music entitled Terekam (2017), and the short film Tentang Kita dan Kisah-kisah Setelahnya (2018).