Nu Malipir Kasingsal

Production Year
Running Time
15 Menit


Bonar, a filmmaker from Jakarta, goes to a hotel at Pelabuhan Ratu beach to search for inspirations for his new film. On day three, suddenly his laptop vanishes when the hotel housekeeper is cleaning his room. Bonar asks the hotel staff to investigate who stole his laptop. Then, something mystical happens. It’s odd that, suddenly, all people at and around the hotel only speak in Sundanese, neither in Indonesian nor in other languages. Bonar is puzzled because he cannot talk in Sundanese.


Roufy Nasution
Roufy Nasution is an Indonesian Director who was born in December 1994 in Jakarta and completed his studies in Visual Communication Design in Bandung. One of his short films titled The Fire Longing for the Mist won the Special Mention Jury Award for the ReelOzInd Australia Indonesia Film Festival 2018, and also participated in the Balinale International Film Festival 2018, Minif International Film Festival 2018, Image Forum Tokyo 2019, and Choreoscope International Dance Film Festival Of Barcelona 2019. In addition to making films, Roufy also pursues other audio-visual media such as Web Series, Commercial, Music Video, and Video Art. The Boy With Moving Image is his first feature film.