Mang Jose

Production Year
Running Time
89 Minutes


It pays to be good. It even pays better to save someone’s life. For superhero Mang Jose, it literally pays to do both – no money, no saving. Having an ability of energy absorption & redirection, from time to time he saves people only if they rent him out. There’s a new craze brewing in town that is curiously bringing people into madness. Spearheaded by the eccentrically deadly King Ina, the “Peace Tea” milk tea sensation spreads like a contagious obsession as it turns to mind slaves all the remaining superheroes in hiding. Just as when Mang Jose is comfortably hiding from King Ina & her cohorts, easy-going young man TOPE drags him out from hiding. Tope rents him to save his mother TINA who has been abducted by King Ina’s forces when she drank the milk tea. Mang Jose and Tope embark on a quest. As they near her lair, Mang Jose starts to do some heroic deeds on Tope without counting the cost and Tope starts to man up & do similar deeds on Mang Jose.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Minggu, November 21 2021 11 : 30 - Audi 4


Raynier F. Brizuela
Raynier Brizuela is a Filipino filmmaker who likes using comedy and fantasy in his films to spark conversations about social issues. His first feature film "Memory Channel" was in competition at the World Premieres Film Festival 2016 while his second feature film “Asuang†won Best Actor and was nominated for Best Picture at the Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2018 . In 2016, he participated in the BiFan Fantastic Film School in Bucheon, South Korea. He returned to BiFan in 2021 with the world premiere of his third and latest film ‘Mang Jose’.

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