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Built at the turn of the century, Losmen Melati is an old dutch colonial plantation turned guest house. The house was once owned by an Indonesian doctor who turned the house into his own private medical practice. Unbeknownst to the local villagers, the doctor had his own dark and horrifying secrets to hide. Shrouded in mystery and legend, the lives of the doctor and his family ended in tragedy and since then it has been local folklore that the house and its occupants were cursed. According to the myth, only one surviving relative of the last generation lives in the house – Melati. The current owner of the old plantation, she hasa turned the house into a guest house.

Mike Wiluan, Billy Christian
Mike Wiluan is a Producer, Writer, and Director. Among his producer credits are 'The Night Comes for Us' and 'Headshot', which screened in Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. Mike's directorial debut was 'Buffalo Boys', premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles. 'Losmen Melati' The Movie was Mike's second feature, followed by 'Losmen Melati' The Series.

Billy Christian is an Indonesian scriptwriter, director, illustrator, and YouTuber. With 14 Indonesian feature films and series, mainly focused on fantasy and horror. Some of his films include 'They Who Are Not Seen', 'Tuyul Part 1', and 'The Sacred Riana: Beginning'. His most recent work is 'Losmen Melati' The Movie & 'Losmen Melati' The Series and HBO Asia original series 'Folklore Season 2: Grandma's Kiss'.