Into the Happiness/ Kemanten

Production Year
Running Time
15 minutes


Lilis was stuck in a dilemma. When her wedding was just around the corner, she had to face a problem that made her hesitate to continue the event she had prepared.


Imam Syafi'i
Imam Syafi'i is a filmmaker who was born in April 1997 in Klaten, Indonesia. He is a graduate of the Jakarta Arts Institute with a major in Film & Television. Some of his works such as Merged With The Ground and Kemanten were nominated for Best Short Film at the 2018 & 2020 Indonesia Film Festivals. In addition, his work Gabul & Lilakno was nominated for the 2018 Asian American International Film Festival. His latest work Kemanten entered the semifinal at the Student Academy Awards 2020, Official Selection at Jogja Asian Netpac & Film Festival 2020.