Production Year
Running Time
14 minutes


There are all kinds of gaps and seams in the prison environment, be it crevices and door seams towards the outside of prison cells or gaps and openings created by cell window bars. They constituted the everyday view of political prisoners. However, phonetically speaking, the meaning of the Mandarin character “縫†is twofold: when pronounced in the fourth tone, the character denotes crevices, openings, or gaps; but when pronounced in the second tone, it is used as a verb that means mending or sawing. The work is based on such a contrastive concept to respond to the contradictory relationship between the political prisoners in White Terror and the state power. Hong Jun-Yuan films the process of a political prisoner who fails to escape from the prison. After a tortuous, oppressive, and suffering journey, as he gazes into the sea at the exit, the escape eventually becomes self-contradictory exhaustion. In addition, memories of the White Terror victim in Taiwan in the 1950s, Tu Nan-Shan, are interwoven into the narrative.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Minggu, November 21 2021 14 : 20 - Audi 7


Jun-Yuan Hong
Jun-yuan Hong was born in Taiwan in 1981. He graduated from the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory of Tainan University of the Arts. His video has been selected for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Film Festival in Paris, Berlin Revolution Film Festival, Next Art Tainan award, AFIAS Spain Moving Images Festival, Copenhagen 60 Seconds Film Festival, etc.