Five Minutes

Production Year
Running Time
7 minutes
Drama Fiction


Struggling with the fear of having to confess to her infidelity, a woman turns the experience of her unfaithfulness into a moment of self-discovery that also redefines her relationship.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Sabtu, November 20 2021 15 : 00 - Audi 3
CGV Grand Indonesia Minggu, November 21 2021 16 : 40 - Audi 3


Meelad Moaphi
Toronto-based filmmaker Meelad Moaphi is a BFA ('10) and MFA ('19) graduate of York University's Film Production program. Born in Iran, Meelad spent years of his childhood in Japan before finally settling in Canada, having also lived and worked in Spain in between this time. Meelad’s short directing credits include ‘Arrhythmia’ (2009), ‘Republic of God’ (2010), ‘Every Monday’ (2014), A Scene (2018), and Worth (2019), which have screened at and been awarded by festivals internationally, such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Filmets Badalona, International Izmir Short Film Festival, Air Canada’s EnRoute, Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and the Montreal World Film Festival. He also teaches filmmaking and screenwriting at university level. ‘Five Minutes’ is Meelad’s latest short film.