Fifty Fifty

Production Year
Running Time
24 minutes


Growing old is the thing that is most feared by almost everyone. Women are afraid of losing their beauty and men are afraid of losing their strength. Then what happens when Dona, a transgender who has entered old age, faces all of that and is now living her life in a sheltered housing. The reality of being Transgender in Indonesia is still a bad stigma in society. Many of them live with past trauma including Dona, and now she shares joys and sorrows with other Transgender friends.


Rofie Nur Fauzie
Rofie Nur Fauzie is a young director who has worked on documentaries with the theme of humanity. He was born in April 1998 in Kuningan, Indonesia. He has completed his studies at the Indonesian Cultural Arts Institute (ISBI) Bandung in 2019. Being in the world of film since 2015 has made Rofie start to love documentary films, especially biographical documentaries with values in humanity. One of the films that caught his attention was 50:50 (fifty fifty) that tells about the life of an elderly transvestite who lives together in a sheltered housing.