Everyday is a Lullaby

Production Year
Running Time
81 Minutes


Rektra was once recognized as the most promising and best screenwriter, winning continued success. He could work wherever he wanted to work at any time. However, as time goes by, both his talent and passion for the film seem to fade. He starts to think that making a sensual low-budget horror movie would benefit his life better. In order to overcome the slump, he tries to create an immortal masterpiece of his life inspired by his girlfriend who is an actress. Through her, he meets another woman who has no soul, and continues conversation without a sense of time passing by. In the process of getting to know her, he realizes his ultimate passion is ignited. Putrama Tuta’s fourth feature film shows his unique visual style.


Putrama Tuta
Putrama Tuta was born in Jakarta and majored in Business-Law in Melbourne. After his directorial debut with Catatan Harian Si Boy (2011), he directed a feature documentary Noah (2013). His second feature film A Man Called Ahok (2018) was one of the Top 10 Box Office, and he was awarded the Best Director at the Indonesian Movie Awards.

Contact : putramatuta@gmail.com