End of The Tunnel

Production Year
Running Time
17 minutes
Drama, Documentary


Dody Iskandar, Abdul Karim, and Taufik Zulfikri are three blind individuals with different levels of visual impairment. All three have a passion for film as a work of art and a production medium, and express this passion by watching films, producing films independently, as well as playing an active role as participants in Inclusion Film Indonesia (INFI), a community for individuals with disabilities to produce and enjoy films.


Garry Christian
Garry Christian was born in January 2001. Since childhood, he was always interested in film and filmmaking. He started to write stories and screenplays for fiction feature films when he was twelve years old. He is currently enrolling in Multimedia Nusantara University majoring in Film, in order to find and explore his cinematic style to tell stories through the medium of cinema, that he hopes can open discussions among his viewers.