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After her soap opera was forced to “wrap up” due to an accident that occurred on set, Ijul looked for a new role that could improve her image as an actress. Known as an actress who specializes in antagonist roles, the image of the character she plays on the small screen spills over into her image as Ijul in the real world. Mothers in the middle of the street call her a perpetrator, the media always places her as a bad person like a stepmother, these are all things Ijul usually faces every day. Ijul vows that he will get the role of protagonist in his next soap opera and show everyone that he is not a bad person like the roles he usually plays. But can Ijul’s journey be that smooth? Can Ijul the Drama Queen get the happy ending she wants?

Aco Tenri
Aco Tenri was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a writer & director. He studied film at the Jakarta Arts Institute majoring in directing. His participation in the CinemadaMare Film Festival (Italy) in 2016 earned him an Erasmus scholarship at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU), Slovakia. After returning to Jakarta, Aco now mostly works on short films, digital advertisements and music videos.