Bintang Ketjil

Production Year
Running Time
103 mins

The parents of the children are panicking as they do not come home. Kidnapped? Apparently not. They try to find their own way to go to the Zoo, as their parents once promised. Maria and Suzy get help from an old man, their former teacher, to go to the Zoo and other places of entertainment. Thanks to their parents who oversell promises, but are unable (forget) to fulfill them. Their parents think they are kidnapped and call the police. The police manage to find them and return them to their parents, but the former teacher is shaken by this incident and is admitted to a mental hospital.

Wim Umboh
"Wim Umboh made his directorial debut with the film Dibalik Dinding (1955). Some of the films he directed include Bintang Ketjil (1963), Pengantin Remaja (1971), Perkawinan (1973), and Senyum di Pagi Bulan Desember (1974).

Misbach Yusa Biran is a renowned Indonesian screenwriter and director. Several films that he has produced include Bintang Ketjil (1963), Dibalik Tjahaja Gemerlapan (1966), and Honey, Money, and Djakarta Fair (1970)."

Misbach Yusa Biran