Ranah 3 Warna

Production Year
Running Time
125 Minutes


Alif has just graduated from Pondok Madani. He can even dream in Arabic and English. His dream? It’s so high. He wanted to learn high technology in Bandung like Habibie, then wandered to the USA. With a bubbling spirit, he went home to Maninjau and could not wait to go to college. However, his best friend, Randai, had a doubt that Alif could pass the college entrance test (UMPTN). Then, he realized that he did not have one important thing, which was a Certificate of Senior High School. How was it possible to pursue all these high goals without a certificate? Inspired by the Danish dynamite team’s spirit, he broke down his hard obstacles. He earned the certificate and passed the test, but not in ITB, ‘only’ in Unpad. The most important thing for him is studying at college. It turned out that Alif who lived with Randai (who passed in ITB) experienced another obstacle. He was almost discouraged due to the death of his father. His mother replaced the father to encourage him. Reading Alif’s writings published in the campus magazine was his father’s pride because the writings were so great. Alif came back and tried to live, tightening his belt. He was tired and began to wonder: “How long should I be patient with all these life problems?” He almost gave up. Apparently, the spell “man jadda wa jada” (he who gives his all will surely succeed)meaning that those who are earnest will succeed were insufficiently powerful to win a life. Alif recalled the second spell taught in Pondok Madani: ‘man shabara zhafira'(he who is patient will be fortunate), meaning that those who are patient will be lucky. Armed with both terms, he was ready to face each ‘storm’ in his life. Including the storm in his heart, falling on Raisa, the girl who was also close to Randai. The opportunity lay in his sight, when he finally left for Canada. Raisa was with him. Moreover, they had been stuck in Jordan and experienced life and death situations in war. Will Alif succeed in realizing all his dreams?


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Kamis, November 18 2021 18:30 - Audi 1


Guntur Soeharjanto
Guntur Soeharjanto is an Indonesian film director. His name became widely known when his fifth television film (FTV), July in June, won nine awards at the 2005 Indonesian Film Festival, including the Best Director category. In the following year, another FTV made by him, ‘Sebatas Aku Mampu’ also won the award for Best Film at the 2006 FFI event.

As a feature film director, Guntur also made various achievements. Film ‘99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa’, is ranked the 32nd highest-grossing Indonesian film of all time with 1,189,709 viewers. His other film, Cinlok, was also included in the 100 highest-grossing Indonesian films of all time, coming in at number 68 with 652,731 viewers.

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Rating Film: TBA