…And That What Married is

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Mr. Director (38) met Ms. Tiny Dancer (36) for a date around Jakarta from sunset until midnight. This one-night trip made him fall in love with her. He saw her as a complete and distinct figure, caring, not superior, compassionate, and motherly. The figure of the woman he had been looking for and never found in his wife.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Jumat, November 19 2021 20.00 - Audi 4 - JFF Screening dan Sesi QnA
CGV Grand Indonesia Sabtu, November 20 2021 17.05 - Studio 4 - JFF Screening dan Sesi QnA


Aji Aditya
Aji Aditya has been a short film director since 2012. He writes all the short films that he directs himself. His most recent two works, AGUS and AGUS (2014) was screened at the Ha Noi International Film Festival 2016, and RUN BOY RUN, which had its world premiere at the Balinale 2018. He is now working as a creative director at an animation studio in Bandung, Indonesia.