Indonesia has a long history of producing horror films that explore local folklore and Eastern culture, immersed in spiritual nuances. Perhaps, this is why the horror genre holds a significant appeal in Indonesia, as these mystic tale stories are closely related to our culture. Lately, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of horror films produced in Indonesia, indicating a growing interest in this genre.

However, does the rapid increase in the quantity of these horror films align with the quality of the films produced? Understanding the importance of enhancing knowledge and expertise in this genre, Jakarta Film Week (JFW), in collaboration with the Indonesian Film Directors Club (IFDC) & MTN (Management Talents Nasional) has initiated an opportunity for renowned Japanese horror filmmakers to share their insights with emerging Indonesian directors through a Directing Masterclass.

This masterclass is led by Takashi SHIMIZU and Yasushi OUCHI, the creators of “Sana” (2023), with an impressive horror film portfolio. This masterclass aims to encourage collaboration and facilitate learning from these seasoned experts. We hope to inspire and empower the Indonesian film community to create innovative horror films that can resonate with audiences locally and globally.


Takashi Shimizu
Film Director
Tai Ohuchi
Director of Photography