Cinema and She: What's Up, Real, and Reel?


This talk show is a response to the conversation about women’s issues in the Indonesian film industry, which has become increasingly prominent and widely discussed over the past 5-6 years. In the curation process of this year’s festival, we have noticed a growing trend of films exploring women’s themes and presenting everyday life challenges they face. However, this raises further questions about the position of the female filmmakers themselves: has the film industry or the world they work in supported them in pursuing their needs and dreams? Is merely portraying women’s struggles on the screen enough to initiate conversations and tangible transformations in the real world?

In this talk show, two female directors from different countries and backgrounds will share their stories about how female characters in their films struggle with life. In the film “Her Hobby” (2023), a woman experiences layered violence from the society around her and strives to resist it while building a safe space. “In Plan 75” (2022), elderly women must confront an unforgiving life, as they are considered disposable by the state and capitalism–which demand productivity and do not allow people like them to retire peacefully. Although these two films have different styles, they share one commonality: female characters living in a system that does not favor them.

Furthermore, going deeper, female producer and streaming platform representatives will share their experiences in internationally networked film production, especially within Asia. Their experiences will broaden our insights into the reality of film production, shedding light on whether the film industry has been inclusively supportive of women or if there is room for female filmmakers to bring their films to life.

In addition to the talk show, Ha Myungmi’s film “Her Hobby” will be featured in the Herstory program during Jakarta Film Week, from October 25th to 29th, 2023.


Ha Myungmi
Film Director and Producer
Chie Hayakawa
Film Director and Scriptwriter
Si En Tan
Film Producer
Tina Arwin
Streaming Platform Representative, Executive Producer