The Excitement of Talks Program at Jakarta Film Week 2021

The Excitement of Talks Program at Jakarta Film Week 2021

Talks, as one of the programs at the Jakarta Film Week, was held on 19 November 2021 at 15.30-17.00 WIB, with the topic “Trends in Film Investing and Audience Enthusiasm Post Pandemic”. The event was attended by Diana Abbas from CGV, Agung Sentausa from BPI, Rahadian Agung from Katanika, and Sigit Prabowo from Bicara Box Office, with Dyna Herlina as moderator.

In line with the theme, the conversation revolved around the pandemic and its impact on the cinema network business in Indonesia. As stated by Diana Abbas, as the representative of CGV, “The pandemic has not only affected the film industry, it has also affected our business supply chain because the supply of movies that have been produced has been delayed for release. In addition, there has been a shift in customer behavior thanks to all the options at their fingertips. Cinema, which used to be the window for films’ first release, now competes with OTT platforms,” said Diana Abbas.

With the choice of watching via online platforms, there is also a shift in the habits of the audience. Moreover, due to the new normal, people tend to favor watching via online platforms, and as a consequence, a number of films choose not to be shown in theaters. “Now certain films prefer streaming, which causes a change in customer behavior,” said Sigit Prabowo. 

During the pandemic, going to the cinema has been considered a challenge. Previously, the consideration of going to the cinema was a matter of money and time, but now, customers weigh health factors as well. Customers also prefer to watch movies through their respective devices. 

Viewers seem to favor shows and movies that are worth more in value at the comfort of their homes, while producers will still consider the release schedule of films, whether they will be fully in theaters, or not in theaters depending on circumstances, or parallel with streaming respective to their budget range.

The birth of new technology is often considered a threat. But here, stakeholders are challenged to adapt, because the media landscape will greatly affect investments and consumer behavior. 

The second session of Talks revolving around Creative Strategy Post Pandemic in Film Industry was held on 21 November 2021, at 16:00-18:00 WIB with speakers Lukman Sardi and Ajeng Prameswari, and moderator Dyna Herlina. 

Lukman Sardi as the representative of Vision Plus and Ajeng Prameswari as the representative of Visinema share the same vision, which is to provide platforms for all talents in the film industry and create the next generation of film professionals. 

“Product differentiation is important, but we also don’t want to limit the creativity of content creators. We choose to discuss with content creators to promote the freedom to tell stories and speak out. We want to free content creators by focusing on providing platforms to channel their ideas,” said Ajeng Prameswari.

The presence of the OTT services offers something different and advantages, and it helps films spread more widely. Indonesia has proven that cinema and the OTT streaming industry can go hand in hand.

“The cinema is irreplaceable because it offers an unrivaled experience on its own. However, OTT services also play a role that is just as powerful. This is about the people who are involved in the film world,” said Lukman Sardi.