Diskusi Community di Jakarta Film Week 2021, dari Festival Film Berbasis Komunitas hingga Kritik dan Review Film

Community Discussion at Jakarta Film Week 2021, from Community-Based Film Festivals to Film Critics and Reviews

The Jakarta Film Week took place on 18-21 November 2021 by presenting a number of interesting programs, ranging from screenings of Indonesian and international films, Masterclass, Talks to Community discussions.

The Community program is divided into two sessions. The first session was held online from Ashley Hotel, Jakarta on Friday 19 November 2021, at 15.30-17.30 WIB, revolving around the topic Community-Based Film Festivals. Several speakers who took part in this event included Jamalludin Phonna from the Aceh Film Festival, Sukhadharmi from UCIFEST, Nauval Yazid from Europe on Screen, with the moderator Nada Bonang from Film Community.

Jamalludin Phonna from the Aceh Film Festival revealed his reason for initiating the festival, which was due to no more viewing rooms in Aceh after the 2004 tsunami. Since then cinemas in Aceh have ceased to exist.

It should be noted that before the tsunami hit, Aceh had a cinema. “We, several Acehnese youths, initiated an activity because we were thirsty and needed space to watch. Coincidentally, when we started in 2015, some of the initiators had had the experience visiting several film festivals at home and abroad.” 

As a continuation of the first session, the second Community session was held on Sunday 21 November 2021, revolving around the theme Film Critics vs Film Reviews. Billy from WacthmenID and Aulia Adam from Tirto.id became the speakers in this session, along with Stephany Josephine as moderator. The speakers discussed the differences between Film Critics and Film Reviews from an interesting point of view.

This online and offline event also received a warm welcome from the participants and it is hoped that the discussions can provide new insights for participants and can broaden their horizons regarding opinions in the film world. 

The Jakarta Film Week also strives to be a forum for capacity-building for film professionals, reviews of the latest issues in the film industry, and strengthening of the film community as an integral means for spreading knowledge, as well as the love for films.