Foreword by the Jakarta Governor

Films have a profoundly significant impact on society. Beyond serving as entertainment, it holds the potential to inspire, raise awareness, evoke emotions, and prompt action. Thus, Jakarta Film Week stands as a beacon of hope for strengthening the film industry, both locally and internationally.

In its third year, the organization of Jakarta Film Week continues to receive our unwavering support. We are committed to ensuring continuous growth and blossoming of the film festival and elevating the Indonesian film industry, particularly within DKI Jakarta, in line with this year’s theme, ‘Evolve.’

We believe this festival will serve as a bridge connecting industry players from all corners and provide an opportunity to discover new talents that can propel the film industry to new heights. We anticipate not only progress but also leaps forward with fresh ideas and remarkable innovations.

May Jakarta Film Week not only contribute to advancing the film industry in Indonesia but also garner international attention. May this festival bolster our confidence that we can compete on the global stage. We express our appreciation to all involved in the organization of this festival and wish you all an enjoyable time at the event

– Heru Budi Hartono –

Interim Governor of DKI Jakarta